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“Little Finder” is a research-based application and it is designed to stimulate early childhood educational development. Lessons in the form of playful interactive games promote children’s discovery and comprehension in everyday contexts, which can help establish a lifelong foundation for learning. Little Finder utilizes various forms of in Digital Media and promotes cognitive learning in Preschool Education. Preschoolers will have an innovative, playful learning experience through Little Finder.

The Value
Positive learning experiences that children develop through play reinforce learning as fun. Children will gain confidence based on this game format. Through the various learning and creative actives, it can also assist in initiating the next levels of building knowledge. Digitally integrated content that uses visual and auditory channels can spark young children’s motivation, creating and maintaining their interest. In addition, using familiar objects from one’s everyday surroundings as lesson content encourages children’s active participation in the discovery process. Therefore, Little Finder's playful and engaging lesson plan motivates children to learn and expand their creativity.

The Little Finder application has two parts: one is the actual “finding game” and the other is a “creating artwork” section. After finding and creating activities, the players can share their artwork with friends and family. This game-format learning activity creates a positive learning experience to go along with their explorations. Through this, children perceive building knowledge as fun and rewarding.

+ Immediate, direct interaction between child and the content/device
+ Improved hand-eye coordination and motor skills
+ Sensory experience
+ The creative art section supports a child’s visual and written expression, assisting in deeper comprehension
+ Interactive conversation throughout the learning activity
+ Children friendly places for lesson photos
+ Delightful and imaginative characters for a player's companion

Little Finder for iPad